What is Land’s End?

The story of Land’s End, and indeed the entire purpose of the project, was to run a game where those who played in it could get a chance to look at the other side of the fence. They wouldn’t be the talented elven ranger, or the stalwart human fighter. Our group has done that numerous times. This time I wanted them to see the game from the perspective of the people that are forced to deal with the traumatic times before the heroes show up and save the day.

..at least, that’s how it started.

Initially, I had considered using the NPC classes that are available in Pathfinder, as it isn’t a far step from the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons that we normally use. And then a player brought the Game of Thrones RPG system to me, and I found it deliciously lethal enough for what I wanted, combined with the ‘low fantasy’ feel that I had wanted to go for all along.

Initially, Land’s End was to be a game about the folk that lived in the northern-most colony to ever be settled in the home-brewed world setting that I am using, a frozen north of forest and constant winter’s chill.

Initially, the supernatural element was going to be non-existent. Land’s End was to be the tale of a secluded colony, raided and pillaged and left for the dead, and the handful of folk that survived after, with nothing but six-hundred miles of wilderness between themselves and the sanctuary of civilization. Those who played in it would slowly emerge as the head of the group, taking lead and becoming more the every-day heroes as they overcome the trials of the wild and rescue all of these people.

..and then I realized that I had created the perfect setting for a horror game.

In the middle of the first session, I tested the ground. You’ll see the test element in the recounting of the first session in the adventure log. It is the little girl, Samantha. The people who were playing responded very well, and it actually became clear to me that they wanted that element of horror in their game. And so, in the seclusion of the frozen north, where the days are short and autumn is just beginning to make way for the season’s deep freeze, horror is what I gave to them..

(and yes, I later realized how closely that element of ‘winter is coming’ mirrored the Stark’s mantra from Game of Thrones, the setting that I was using the mechanic system for. Haha. Ironic.)

If you’d like to read more about the session(s) that have happened so far, hop on over to the Adventure Log. I plan to work on the Wiki soon, but when it’s finished, it will have much of the information for the past of Land’s End, and how it was founded.

Land's End