• Adrian Vorhrel

    Adrian Vorhrel

    The town's over-worked apothecary. He keeps to himself, but is ever willing to lend a hand to someone in need. Respectful and well-spoken.
  • Benjamin MacDougal

    Benjamin MacDougal

    The constable of Land's End. With crime being almost non-existant, he's more of a figurehead for settling disputes than anything else. That doesn't mean he can't swing his axe though.
  • Bog


    Mostly a miner, but Nathaniel Bog has been known to wield a mean pick-axe whenever the militia is needed. Not well liked, due to nasty town rumors concerning the disappearance of his wife and daughter six years prior.
  • Collem Kell

    Collem Kell

    A minor talent in the local group of huntsman that bring in the meat for the colony of Land's End. His not-so-secret fondness for the daughter of the town's 'mayor' makes him a source of gossip for the local hens.
  • Jason White

    Jason White

    Notable for his extreme cowardice in situations of stress, but that doesn't keep him from being one of the most able-bodied and talented carpenters of Land's End.
  • Ranulth


    The barkeep with the sketchy past that he doesn't speak of much. Since coming to Land's End, he's since discovered the beauty of the Shadow Berry in regards to crafting wine. It is the best wine in the colony, and only he knows the secret of it.
  • Nathaniel Vohrhel

    Nathaniel Vohrhel

    The brother of Adrian, Nathaniel is a highly gifted surgeon in a place where the brunt of his talents inevitably go to waste. Educated and just as well spoken as his brother, he seems at peace up in the frozen north.
  • The LaFayette Family

    The LaFayette Family

    The only family of nobles remaining in Land's End, out of the six families that originally funded the expedition and colonization. They consist of Vincent (The Father), Marietta (The Mother), Addison (The Oldest Daughter), and Jacob and Joshua (The Twins)